Bow Hut

I have mixed feelings about the Bow Hut. I think I was 12 when I first visited the well used (read: abused) metal-clad ramshackle blue-box that once stood under the guard of St Nicholas. Today, you’ll find a large multi-building compound that sleeps and feeds up to 32 in the summer. Being just a few hours … More Bow Hut

Glacier Circle Cabin

It may seem like a lot of work just to get to one little hut, but Glacier Circle is a veritable cornucopia of objectives, boasting numerous ridgeline scrambles that are all pretty much all low fifth class (5.0-5.5). From skiing to climbing, parties have spent weeks here without ever tapping a fraction of what you’ll … More Glacier Circle Cabin

Mount Temple

This trail is my all time favorite day hike. To my knowledge, there is no better bang for your buck in the North American Rockies (challenge me on this, I dare you). The view from the top is unprecedented, and the dynamic of the hike up will keep the most seasoned dirtbag entertained. There is, … More Mount Temple

Eiffel Peak

This is a peak I’d have never discovered is it wasn’t for Kim, an instagram friend that messaged me out of the blue one day. Some people are cut from the same cloth, and meeting those people seem more like getting reacquainted with an old friend than getting to know someone you’ve never met before. Kim is one of … More Eiffel Peak

Mount Colin

If it weren’t for the ticks, this would be a favorite spot for me. All told, the three of us picked at LEAST 20 from our bodies. When it came down to it, they weren’t as bad as folklore tells. We didn’t get bit even once. Don’t let that fool you, though, there are some … More Mount Colin