C’mon, Don’t Objectify Me

The difference between romantic and creepy is so very thin…

lost noises

If you have breasts and a vagina, you’ve conceivably experienced sexual objectification by someone with testicles and a penis. Whether in the form of cat-calls, whistles, or boozy-bar come-ons, women have long been recipients of this form of communication.

It appears some men like to do it or I suspect they wouldn’t, unless they somehow feel compelled to fulfill a stereotypical male role of those that hoot at women. I’m curious, though, to know if women like it. Obviously, it largely depends on the woman. We’ve probably all heard the differing views of what women think about sexual objectification. Presumably though, a lot of self-respecting women will not condone this type of behavior for obvious reasons. I also assume that many women will not say that they find it flattering. For myself, this is how I generally respond: *eye-roll* “Ugh, how stupid.” *ignore all further comments* Or something to that…

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