Sept 26, 2014: Tonquin Valley

The forecast was pretty much horrible when we left the city. Sometimes you’ve just got to go anyway. The old adage “a bad day in the mountains is better than a good day in the city” always bounces around in my head at moments like this. 90% chance of rain pretty much means we won’t be seeing much scenery, but the fresh air, the far reaching conversations, the soreness when you wake up the next morning – all lure me to press the accelerator just a little further toward the floorboard. Plus, it might just break.

By the time we reached the hut, the sogginess of the day had made itself clear. The next day was no different. We wandered in the cirque near the hut. Day three, we decided to trek in the direction of Amethyst lake. Minutes after hitting the trail, the clouds gave me a hint that something might break. Over the next 2 hours of trail, these photos make the inadequate attempt to demonstrate what we witnessed.

© Eric Petersen – All Rights Reserved


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